Atikokan Whitetail Deer Hunting

Northern Ontario is rapidly becoming widely well known for its amazing world class whitetail deer hunting. For years, few people actually even knew of the record class whitetail bucks being harvested in the vast wilderness of Northern Ontario. Up until recently, these high quality hunts have been an undiscovered secret.

Here at Crystal Beach Resort, we offer a 6 day/ 7night hunt package that should be more than adequate time for an extremely good chance at that trophy of a lifetime.

Our guides are extensively knowledgeable of the local wilderness, as they all grew up in the Atikokan area and still all live locally today. The guides we use are veteran deer hunters themselves and have many years of experience pursuing the magnificent whitetail.

This hunt is a TRUE wilderness deer hunt. You will be hunting amongst hundreds of thousands of acres of crown land. Most of our hunts take part near previously logged areas in the bush that provide the much needed forage and cover for sustaining a healthy whitetail population. Many of the cuts hunted are 5-20 year old regeneration sites, and these cuts border larger tracts of wilderness that go on for hundreds of miles. Much of the land hunted borders the Quetico Provincial Park which acts as a refuge for the deer as hunters are not allowed to enter the park. This creates a true sanctuary for the deer, as many of the bucks die of old age never even being seen by a hunter!

Expect not to see large numbers of deer as you would in certain regions of the midwestern states in the U.S., but with a very low doe to buck ratio, the chances of harvesting a mature buck is very high. During pre-rut and rut periods, the bucks are traveling many miles every day, marking territory and searching for receptive does. Consequently, these mature bucks are making themselves very vulnerable to you, the hunter. Patience does pay off!!

The quality of the bucks harvested in our area is outstanding, as you can see in our hunt photos. All of these bucks were harvested in our area. Many of them run in the 140-160 class range, with more and more bucks near the Boone and Crockett range being taken every year! The average weight of mature bucks taken average well over 200lbs field dressed, with some approaching the 300lb mark!