Ontario Ice Fishing for Walleyes

There is no better way to cure those mid-winter blues than pulling a big fat Walleye up through the ice while enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland of Northwestern Ontario.

There are Walleye in Crystal Lake and guests do catch them but if Walleye is your target, we have several other lakes in the area where the Walleye fishing is outstanding. Some of these lakes are next to impossible to get into during the summer the fishing pressure is very low and the population of Walleyes is high. Guests can expect to catch many in the 1 to 3 pound range. There are lots of bigger Walleyes with some reaching 10 pounds. A big Walleye like that is rare, which is why it's considered a trophy.

Setting up winter Walleye adventures is one of our specialties and we offer this opportunity along with cozy warm accommodations for a price that is very reasonable.

Portable ice-fishing shelters, guides, heaters and ice-fishing gear rentals are available if you want them as part of a custom fishing package that we tailor to your winter vacation needs.

This is a great winter getaway if you own your own snow machine or ATV. If you do not have your own transportation, our guides can take you to the hot spots.