Atikokan Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout Crystal Lake is absolutely stuffed with Lake Trout.

The cool clean deep water of Crystal Lake provides tons of food and a perfect habitat for big monster Lake Trout as well as good numbers.

There is no other game fish found in Canada that has so much folklore attached to it. You may have heard Lake Trout do not fight well or Lake Trout do not taste so good. These rumors generally come from people that have never caught a Lake Trout. In actual fact, Lake Trout are one of the hardest fighting fish and taste fantastic. Their meat is light and lean and has a very mild taste. This is why people who fish for Lake Trout are usually fanatics because nothing matches the anticipation and adventure of bringing a big heavy fish up from the depths. You never know what you have until you see it.

Lake Trout in Crystal Lake come in all sizes. They are more common in the 2 to 6-pound range. There are 20 to 30 pound trout in our lake. Just like any other game fish, the big ones are big because they are smart so Lake Trout over 10 pounds are not caught as much.

If you have never fished for Lake Trout before, we will get you started and show you all the hot spots. If you read our light tackle techniques, you can catch Lakers with your Walleye or Pike rod.