Atikokan Walleye Fishing

Walleye Atikokan is one of the hottest Walleye fishing destinations in Ontario.

Streams, rivers, rocky points, sunken shoals and healthy clean weed beds create the perfect habitat for Walleyes to grow big. The lakes and rivers in our area are no exception. Walleyes are common in to 1 to 3-pound range with bigger Walleyes up to the 10-pound mark being caught and released all spring and summer.

Crystal Lake has Walleye but they are not the dominant species in the lake. Crystal Lake has a reputation for being an awesome Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass lake. You can fish Crystal Lake and catch Walleyes but if Walleye is the fish you want to focus on, we have many other lakes within a short drive of our camp that have outstanding Walleye fishing. We have so many other prime Walleye lakes in the area that you do not want to miss the opportunity to fish some of them during your stay.

For example, it's just a short drive to the Seine River Chain of Lakes, which is well known for having great Walleye fishing. There are 30 other great Walleye lakes in the area including remote lakes in Quetico Park that can be canoed to. This does not only add to the adventure of your vacation but gives you the chance to explore.