Atikokan Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike We have great Northern Pike fishing.

Many people think you have to fly to the far north to get big monster Northern Pike. In actual fact, we are not that far from the border yet still enjoy a wilderness environment with low fishing pressure. Our location also has more fertile lakes and a longer growing season than the far north thus our Northern Pike grow faster and in many cases bigger. A 10-year old pike in the Atikokan area will be twice the size of a pike of the same age in the far north. With the price of gas these days, it's so much more cost effective to come to Crystal Lake and experience awesome Ontario pike fishing.

Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 6-pound range, which are great for eating. We do have many guests who specifically come to hunt down those big 20-pound plus lunkers, which patrol the shoreline and feast on our Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass.

We have lots of weedy bays and river mouths where many pike can be caught. Many of the bigger pike caught in our area were taken by people fishing for Walleyes. Walleyes are the main feeder fish for our big Northerns.

When you bring in a Walleye that looks like it just came out of a meat shredder you will know there is a big pike hanging around and waiting for you to challenge him.

There are many other great pike lakes, which are easily accessible from our camp. You are not limited to fish Crystal Lake. While being our guest, you will have the opportunity to explore and fish other lakes in the area, which adds to the adventure of your vacation and increases your chances of reeling in that monster Northern Pike you always dreamed about.