Atikokan Moose Hunting

The Atikokan area is just teaming with Moose. We are very close to Quetico Provincial Park, which acts like a game preserve and keeps the population of Moose in the area very high.

We do not have any non-resident Adult Moose tags at this time. Non-residents can still purchase a calf tag and hunt from at our camp.

We are located in WMU 11A, and right across the road is WMU 12B. Some of our hunters do apply for tags in WMU 11B which starts just East of us about a 15 minute drive. WMU 13 and 15 are too far to drive to , so none of our hunters apply for those units.

The Atikokan area offers a variety of great Moose habitats. Hunters hunt along swamp edges and ponds. There are also hundreds of miles of old logging roads, ATV trails and many younger clear-cuts to choose from.

84% of our Moose hunting groups successfully harvest at leaset one Moose. Most groups get 2 or 3 Moose per group.

This is a busy time of year and space is limited. Price is $50 per night per person for all the nights that you have reserved. Minimum 3 nights.