Arikokan Smallmouth Bass fishing

Smallmouth Bass If we don't have the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the world, then we are very close to it. The rocky Canadian Shield Lakes surrounding Atikokan are well known for not only having extremely high populations of Smallmouth Bass but the highest concentration of Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Ontario. Smallmouth Bass in our area are very common in sizes leading up to 3 pounds. If you spend the day fishing specifically for Smallmouth Bass, you should catch a few in the 4 to 5-pound range. On occasion our guests have taken 6 to 7-pound monsters, which are considered trophy size by anyone.

The reason behind the massive populations of Smallmouth Bass in our area is due to the following:

Abundance of baitfish
Abundance of Crayfish
Low Fishing pressure
Lots of rocky shoals & points
Healthy clean weed beds
Higher levels of calcium in the water

Crystal Lake and other lakes in the area are very clean. Not only do our Smallmouth Bass taste awesome, they give up the hardest fight imaginable with jumping out-of-the-water aerial displays like you have never seen.